Management bottlenecks - leadership vacancies - crisis management?

As an Interim Manager, I solve specific problems within a clearly defined cost and time frame.

  • Ideal for bridging leadership gaps, for unforeseen vacancies and for eliminating management bottlenecks.
  • Immediate ability to act and thus quick results thanks to broad know-how, rich experience and fast integration ability
  • Strategy development with focus on its operational implementation
  • A balanced external perspective
  • Immediate added value for your organization - from day one
  • Very economical compared to the negative consequences of a leadership vacuum
  • Available within a very short time - often within a few days
  • Simple hiring/leaving arrangements
  • Deployable in Switzerland or its neighbour countries
  • CompetenceExecutionSustainability

I would be happy to offer you my expertise as Interim Manager for your vacancy. Use my experience for your goals!


Why Interim Management?

Interim Manager, flexibel einsetzbare Führungskräfte
Interim Managers, flexibly deployable executives, are used at short notice to bridge vacancies, in times of crisis, for project management or as specialists.

Practical examples & areas of application

Einsatzbereich eines Interim Managers
The field of application of an Interim Manager is extremely diverse and can also bring great advantages for your company.

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