Do we need a vacancy bridge?

The average time it takes to recruit a suitable candidate for a management vacancy is six to nine months. Can companies afford to leave a management position unfilled for so long?

A member of management leaves and no suitable successor is found within a reasonable period of time. The result is a management vacuum lasting several months, a clean handover to the new employee does not take place and a significant loss of expertise is the consequence. In addition, the absence of an important contact person jeopardises ongoing projects and also unsettles customers and staff!

The best way to avoid such a management gap is to find a temporary solution with an Interim Manager. With an objective outside perspective and sound industry and specialist knowledge, the Interim Manager can step in at short notice in this situation and ensure continuity. He or she quickly recognises the challenges facing the company and resolves problems and areas of tension. After a minimal training period, he takes over responsibility for day-to-day operations, stabilises the department concerned and ensures communication between internal and external stakeholders.

Thanks to precise knowledge of the area of responsibility and the requirements profile sought, the Interim Manager supports your HR department in recruiting a suitable successor. After a successful handover to the chosen candidate, the Interim Manager leaves the company again, thus guaranteeing the sustainability of their assignment.

Compared to the negative consequences of a management vacuum, an interim solution also proves to be quite economical.

Bridging a vacancy with an Interim Manager: A Solution for your company too?