How do I find assignments as an Interim Manager?

As an Interim Manager, it is essential to find new projects to advance your career and secure your income. But How do you find new assignments as an Interim Manager? In this article we will present some of the most effective methods for finding new assignments as an Interim Manager.

The own network is one of the most valuable resources an Interim Manager has. If you are already working in the industry, you probably have contacts that you can utilise. Networking events, industry meetings and conferences are a great opportunity to network with other professionals in your industry. Also keep in touch with former colleagues and employers who may know about future projects.

One own website can be a great tool to build your own personal branding and generate new business. Here you can showcase your services, your skills and your experience. Potential clients can visit your website to get an idea of your capabilities. Also publish regular blog posts to demonstrate your expertise and position yourself as an opinion leader in your industry.

Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can also be used to find new jobs. LinkedIn is particularly effective as it is a platform specifically for professional networking and job searching. Make sure your profile is up to date and complete and share your achievements and experiences. Also interact with other professionals in your industry to increase your visibility.

Interim Management Provider are another important channel for finding new orders. These companies often have a broad network of customers and know exactly what companies need. They can suggest projects that match your skills and experience. Make sure you work with reputable and trustworthy providers to minimise the risk of unpleasant surprises.

Overall, there are various ways to find new assignments as an Interim Manager. It is important that you develop a strategy, that suits you and your industry. Use your network, present yourself on social media platforms and create a professional website to position yourself. Working with reputable Interim Management providers can also be an effective method. By combining these methods, you can maximise your chances of success.