How do I find the right Interim Manager for my company?

In today's business world, there are often a variety of challenges that organisations need to overcome. From developing new products to reorganising teams and processes, there are a variety of tasks that create an additional need for managers. In these cases, an Interim Manager can be an excellent solution to meet the need for short-term leadership expertise. But how do you find the right Interim Manager for your company?

First of all, it is important to realise that the right Interim Manager is not just a question of skills and experience, but also of trust. Interim Managers usually come with a high price tag, but also with a high expectation of success. It is important that the chemistry between the Interim Manager and the company is right so that both parties can trust each other. This is often achieved through a "Leap of faith".
A leap of faith in Interim Management refers to a company's willingness to place a certain amount of trust in an Interim Manager that it does not know personally. This trust can be granted in various ways, for example through recommendations from friends or colleagues, through a recommendation from an Interim Management provider who has already successfully placed the Interim Manager or by checking the candidate's references and experience.

A leap of faith is particularly important in Interim Management, as companies usually only have a limited amount of time to achieve their goals. It is therefore important that the Interim Manager is able to work quickly and effectively from the outset. A leap of faith can help the organisation to have confidence in the Interim Manager and allow them to get the job done without unnecessary delays and obstacles.
Interim Managers are also often deployed in crisis situations. Therefore a wrong appointment by an unsuitable Interim Manager can also have fatal consequences and reputational damage.

One of the most effective ways to find an Interim Manager is through your own network or recommendations from others. Ask colleagues, friends or business partners for their experience with Interim Managers or whether they can recommend someone. In this way, you may be able to find a candidate who already has the benefit of the doubt.
Taking a leap of faith from someone you know can be very helpful in finding a qualified Interim Manager. If someone you trust has worked with an Interim Manager before and recommends them to you, you can assume that they have the skills and experience to fulfil your requirements.

Another option is to use a Interim Management provider to contact them. These companies usually have a network of experienced Interim Managers and can help you find a candidate who meets your requirements.
An Interim Management provider can also provide a leap of faith. By contacting a provider who specialises in your business and requirements, you can be sure that the recommended Interim Manager has the necessary skills and experience. A provider who takes a leap of faith will usually also endeavour to ensure that the candidate meets your expectations, as their reputation is on the line.

I know the Interim Management market in Switzerland for more than 15 years now. I can therefore use my many years of experience to help you find the right Interim Manager for your challenge. Contact me for further information.