Division Head ICT (CIO)

(Assignment 01/2018 - 5/2018)



  • Operational management of the IT department
  • Strategic reorganisation/turnaround of the ICT division



  • Provide strategic leadership, people management and operational responsibility for the ICT department
  • Overall responsibility for all ICT programmes, budget and related processes
  • Right size the team in accordance to the new cost footprint by making redundant two third of the staff (conducting dismissal talks, etc)
  • Oversee the impact of all of the above-mentioned steps onto the SF ICT staff, taking care of their contribution to the success of the projects (commitment, respect of deadlines, work quality) and of their collaboration with the OVS ICT staff and the third parties that OVS involved into the project
  • Negotiate the transformation or the closing of SF current licence and maintenance contracts, according to what was progressively decommissioned at SF during the year 2018, with the aim of reducing their cost as much as possible and as soon as possible
  • Handover to a permanent replacement and ensure a smooth transition



  • Retail


Letter of reference Sempione Fashion AG

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