Practical examples for the field of application of an Interim Manager

The field of application of an Interim Manager is extremely diverse and can also bring great advantages for your company.

Here are some examples from practice:

  • The existing management capacity must be expanded quickly, as urgent new tasks are pending that can no longer be handled by the existing management.
  • A manager drops out for an indefinite period as a result of illness or accident.
  • The definitive filling of a management position does not succeed in time, so an interim solution is chosen to save time.
  • To implement an important internal project, an unencumbered leader is hired from the outside.
  • For the introduction of new technologies a project leader is sought who can bring in the aspects of entrepreneurship from his own experience.
  • To stabilize a company in a critical situation, a manager with crisis experience is deployed on a temporary basis.
  • For the smooth establishment of new activities abroad a personality is assigned who knows foreign cultures.
  • The great success of a company leads to growth problems, which are to be bridged with an experienced Interim Manager.