Mr Wanderer succeeded in integrating himself into the existing team in a very short time, leading and stabilising it.
Daniel Baschung, CFO, Walo Bertschinger AG
We are happy to recommend Mr Marc Wanderer without reservation and would use him again for a assignment at any time.
Matthias Huenerwadel, CEO, Zehnder Group AG
Mr. Wanderer immediately identified the weak points in the project structure and reorganised the project accordingly. Thanks to his excellent leadership skills, he re-motivated all stakeholders as well as put the collaboration with the external implementation partner back on a trusting and goal-oriented basis.
Fabian Chiozza, CFO, VAT Group AG
Thank you very much for your support and the great work [...] Together we have achieved a lot and we can look back on this time with pride. A very special thank you for that.
Jürg Gygax, CEO Division Service Stadler Rail, Member of the Group Executive Board Stadler Rail AG
You were a valuable support for us and implemented the transformation/reduction very professionally.
Jürg Bieri, CEO/CFO, Sempione Fashion AG
We are highly appreciative of leadership ability, IT knowledge and ability to work in a team even in difficult situations and managing conflicts constructively.
Alpana Banerjee, Global Head - HR, Kuoni GTS
To take the lead in the [Project] evaluation and explain why such a huge project needed to be stopped was indeed a very challenging tasks and you have mastered it in a very professional manner incl. the subsequent implementation.
Lukas Kreienbühl, CFO, Kuoni GTS
Thanks to Mr Wanderer's efforts, it was possible to restructure the engineering department in a short space of time and improve its transparency and efficiency in the long term.
René Ronchetti, CEO, Komax Medtech
Mr Wanderer has significantly advanced our IT in various areas.
M. von Waldkirch, CEO, Sensirion AG
Very action oriented, outstanding crisis manager, Marc would be an asset to any employer and we recommend him for any endeavour he chooses to pursue.
A. Bauman, Executive Director AOSpine
Mr Wanderer knew how to force decisions by pointing out their necessity and convincing with the corresponding analyses and well-developed solutions.
A. Günter, CEO, Sias AG
Thanks to the deployment of Mr Wanderer [as Interim Manager], we were able to successfully implement some important internal projects and support the new TCMS organisation with adapted processes and structures.
I. Savicic, Global TCMS Director, Bombardier Transportation

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