My "elevator pitch"

What my customers need

My customers have a need for Establishment, restructuring or dismantling of organisational units.

  • These are start-ups, for example, which are characterised by the major growth The company is committed to a new structure and needs someone to define and, as a first step, manage this new organisation.
  • These are companies that after a merger recognise the need to merge certain units and need someone to implement/lead this restructuring.
  • Or they may also be companies that, due to a Market adjustment have to downsize their structure and need someone to guide the affected organisational units through this change.

My customers come from various industries. However, the organisational units to be managed on an interim basis usually consist of Engineers or IT experts.

Why a restructuring expert?

Many companies periodically reach a point where significant renewals become necessary. This can result from a Changed market environment but also due to the fact that rapid growth.

However, few companies have the internal required competencies (organisational, technical and personnel) to harmonise such change processes with the necessary perseverance and professionalism to implement. This often leads to companies postponing urgent adjustments for too long and only implementing them when an external trigger occurs. react out of necessity (e.g. SNB lifting the euro floor, digital transformation, etc.).

Internal management also often has a Credibility problem to communicate unpleasant adjustments and implement them with the necessary consistency (mass redundancies, social plan).

My personal strengths

Through my Technology leadership, management experience and a track record as a change catalystI support my customers in implementing the necessary adjustments.

  • As Engineer/ICT Specialist I understand technically complex interrelationships and can obtain first-hand information from the teams involved.
  • Through my MBA/Seniority I can communicate necessary adjustments at the appropriate level and win over all key stakeholders for the project.
  • This change topic (on the psychological side as well as on the side of corporate dynamics) has accompanied and fascinated me for quite some time. Through my sound INSEAD education and experience from similar situations, I can respond to all the parties involved and convince them of the necessity of the project.
  • My credo: Competent - Strong implementation - Sustainable