What does it take to be successful as an Interim Manager?

To be successful as an Interim Manager, a number of skills and qualities are an advantage:

  1. Experience: Experience in the industry or in the function in which you are working as an Interim Manager is an advantage. It helps to quickly understand what the company needs and how to achieve the goal.
  2. Flexibility: Interim Managers must be able to react quickly to changes and challenges. Flexibility in terms of working hours and location is also an advantage.
  3. Communication: Interim Managers must be able to communicate effectively with clients, colleagues and employees. The ability to clearly communicate goals and expectations is particularly important.
  4. Focus on results: Interim Managers are usually tasked with achieving a specific goal. A strong focus on results and the ability to concentrate on achieving the goal are therefore an advantage.
  5. Analytical skills: Interim Managers must be able to analyse data quickly in order to find solutions to problems. Analytical skills help to identify the causes of problems and develop appropriate solutions.
  6. Leadership skills: Interim Managers must be able to motivate and lead employees and colleagues. Leadership skills are particularly important in order to lead the project team to a successful conclusion.
  7. Network: A good network in the industry or function in which you work as an Interim Manager can be an advantage in finding suitable projects quickly.

These skills and qualities can help you to be successful as an Interim Manager. Of course, other specific skills, knowledge and experience can also be an advantage, depending on the industry and function.