Worth reading: Handelszeitung 8 May 2014 - Interim Managers, emergency doctors for companies

In times of crisis, many companies rely on outside help and hire an Interim Manager. 62 per cent of Interim Managers work at first and second management level and restructuring projects have doubled to 17 per cent since 2012.
However, flexible managers are most frequently called upon for vacancies (34 per cent) and classic project work (21 per cent), with the remainder being divided between change management (17 per cent), business development (8 per cent) and change of ownership (3 per cent).

Interim Manager job description

A gruelling job Extreme adaptability is a prerequisite for someone who wants to become an Interim Manager, as they encounter a new social environment every six to nine months. It also requires a willingness to take risks: Months can pass between assignments, especially at the beginning. Experience is essential, hence the ageing of the industry. There are no 30-year-old Interim Managers. Anyone interested in the profession must be able to combine a lone wolf mentality with team-building skills.

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