INSEAD Executive MA Thesis 2016 – Can Interim Management protect against burnout?


Als Teil meines Masterprogramms an der INSEAD zum Thema Change Management (Executive Master in Consulting and Coaching for Change) durfte ich eine Masterarbeit schreiben. Diese behandelt das spannende Thema «Sind Interim Manager weniger Burnout gefährdet?».



Previous studies have revealed that successful Interim Managers possess a set of predisposing character traits, differentiating them from managers working primarily in permanent Line Management positions.

Moreover, society has recently become increasingly concerned about burnout related illnesses in C-level positions. Research has highlighted that the probability to suffer from such symptoms is likewise due to a set of predisposing personality traits.

To date, the literature has however not attempted to investigate the correlation between individuals working as Interim Manager in a C-level assignment and the likelihood for this population to suffer from burnout related conditions.

In a literature review, this thesis compares the specific personality traits required to become a successful Interim Manager, with the attributes that favor burnout and establishes the theory that some of the traits that mark a successful Interim Manager may also protect from burnout related syndromes.

This assumption is then further challenged in a survey with 67 active Interim Managers from Switzerland.

The findings of this research study confirmed the initial hypothesis that the specific personality traits essential for successful Interim Managers, also guard adequately against the effects of stress-related burnout.


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